Eclipse Viewing at its Best!! 

We look forward to sharing this once-in-a-lifetime event with you!

We can't predict how many people will be in our area for the eclipse, but since we are in the path of totality (about 2.5 minutes), we expect our community to host many guests.

Therefore, we want to make this the most pleasant visit for everyone. Below are rules and guidelines for Pine Creek Eclipse Camping.



RV/Camper campsites: 30ft x 50ft $150 per night, 2 night minimum. Additional nights after 2 are $75 per night. Must prepay 2 nights to confirm reservation. Rental Agreement / Release also needs to be signed and returned. This can be done by email. Card Payments by phone, or Stripe or Paypal on site.

No Refunds.

Tent campsites: 20ft x 30ft       $75 per night, 2 night minimum.     Additional nights after 2 are $40 per night.

Dry camp on open meadow. Bottled water and non-potable water available. Porta-Potties available.


Rules and Guidelines

A camping rental agreement / liability release form must be signed and returned prior to reservation confirmation. Two night's rent must be paid in advance to hold the campsite. No refund of this advance payment. If additional nights are desired, they will be paid in advance upon arrival. Types of payment are credit card on this site, or by phone, or Paypal. Please be ready to show photo ID and vehicle insurance when you arrive.

Your campsite is for your use only, no subleasing. Five people maximum per site. Special arrangements may be made for larger group. Include in other information on registration form, email, or call. There are 300 spaces, so we can accommodate large groups. Discount available for groups of 10 RVs or more.

This is primarily a dry camp. Bottled Drinking water will be available, and we will have non-potable water available. There is no septic dumping, electrical or water hookups available. Dumps are available in John Day and Prairie City. There will be porta-potties.

You will be responsible for removing your trash when you leave.

Only two vehicles per campsite, please.

Boundaries - Don't cross fences on property. Please stay within the marked camping area.

No ATVs.

You are welcome to bring your pet as long as it is on a leash. Pick up pet litter and dispose of properly.

Absolutely no Campfires! It is usually very warm and very dry in August, and there is a Statewide and countywide ban on open fires of any kind. Only propane barbecues are allowed. 

Smoking in RVs or vehicles only. We are very fire conscious here. An uncontrolled wildfire took 43 homes in our county recently. No Fireworks!!

Quiet time - Between 10 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. observe quiet so that all may have a restful evening. Generators need to be used during other hours.

Be advised that this is primitive camping with no improvements.

Children must be supervised by parents at all times.